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Advantages S-GIV

Mirko Handschur

Successfully active far beyond the borders of the Hanover region


Logistic property

Logistic property is a term for properties used for the storage, commissioning and ...

Well ahead of the competition

Not only as far as professional know-how, competence, professionalism and experience are concerned, are we well ahead of the competition – but also because of our integration in the Sparkasse Hannover Group. And that’s how we can offer first class advice on the subjects of financing, insurance, valuation as well as access to non-performance properties.

A further big plus factor is our position in an excellent location; the transport and logistic platform in the Hanover region. To quote a source: numerous neutral surveys, such as a study by the Jones Lang LaSalle GmbH, Frankfurt/Main, certify Hanover with good performance and development potential. And, according to the BulwienGesa AG, Berlin the Hanover region belongs to the next years’ winners under the thirteen most important German property locations.

We, the S-GewerbeImmobilienVermittlung Hannover GmbH, are at home in this region – and offer our clients a range of clear advantages:

  • Synergy: The concentrated strengths of a high-performance group at your disposal
  • Tailored solutions: Ideally suited solutions due to professional consolidation of offers and demands
  • Appeal: Successfully active far beyond the borders of the Hanover region
  • Europe-wide network: First-class contact to relevant decision makers and market participants
  • Focus on core business: Individual needs-based solutions for all commercial and capital investment property brokerage issues
  • Professional know-how: Make use of our profound knowledge of markets, structures and industrial sectors
  • Location knowledge: We grant you access to specific location benefits in the region
  • Insider: Benefit from our industry knowledge by the brokerage of logistic and industrial properties
  • High-performance: Outstanding results for clients and investors
  • Personal consultancy: Your satisfaction is our objective