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Rail siding

A rail siding is the rail track connection of a site or building, not belonging to the railway ...

Location with appeal

Hanover belongs to the most significant regional locations in the German property market. Some of the property highlights from all sectors of the market continue to act as beacons despite the crisis on the financial markets. Today’s office property market: after breaking a long lasting record in 2009 by exceeding 74,000 m², 2010 marked a breathing space in completions. In that year only 26,000 m² office space were completed because a number of major new buildings missed their original targets and will only be completed in 2011. Which means 2011 is expected to hit a new peak of over 90,000 m² completions. 

Belonging to the region of Hanover is the capital city of Hanover as well as 20 towns and communities (ten of those being mid-sized towns) with a total of 1,130 million residents. Hanover lies at the intersection of the German North-South and East-West transport axes and profits from its central location and from its function as hinterland seaport hub – excellent preconditions for the specialists of the S-GewerbeImmobilienVermittlung Hannover Gmbh (S-GIV) to provide thoroughly convincing, suitable requirement solutions for their clients.

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Logistics property market in Hannover buoyant: during 2010 area turnover was up 16 per cent year-on-year at 313,000 m2 (2009: 270,000 m2). The market is benefiting from the eco-nomic recovery in the second half-year and was significantly above the turnover forecast for 2010. In September 2010 experts were still predicting that turnover would be “over 200,000 m2.

Download the Property Market Report as PDF file here (German language version).