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Advantages S-GIV

Felicitas Roda

First-class contact to relevant decision makers and market participants


Cross Dock

Cross docks serve the distribution of incoming goods from long-distance to local transport. ...

Deeply rooted in the region

Brokerage of a plot of land of over 100,000 m² in size to a local high profile project de-veloper with subsequent brokerage to an online trader for the building of a new central warehouse providing approx. 60,000 m² hall space, plus for example a high quality at-tractive office and business premises in Hannover’s banking quarter.

High turnover of logistics space even during financial crisis, for example the leasing of a new central warehouse to a major European textile manufacturer offering approx. 16,000 m² hall area. And the brokerage of many attractive investment properties in selected lo-cations.

The sale of an attractive specialist retailer centre in Langenhagen with a volume of 12 million plus large-scale leasing in the logistic sector from 10,000 m² to 20,000 m²; the procured property volume covers of a total of nearly 100,000 m².

The property volume of the S-GewerbeImmobilienVermittlung Hannover GmbH (S-GIV) has quadrupled in the last ten years from 38,646,310.00 DM in 1998 to 72,212,600.00 Euro in 2008.

To increase objectives transparency in the fields of property procuration and property valuation, the RIB is divided into two companies: S-GewerbeImmobilienVermittlung Hannover GmbH (procuration) and S-ImmobilienWert Hannover GmbH (valuation).

The brokerage of an approximately 140,000 m² large logistic real estate to a middle-sized logistician in Langenhagen and larger hall leasing from 5,000 m² to 15,000 m², estimated at around 95,000 m² logistic and industry hall space.

The sale of Bauboulevard Garbsen (new construction of a kitchen centre, a Spanish furniture store and a fast food restaurant), with a volume of 12,675,000.00 Euro.

After the merger in 2003 of the Kreissparkasse Hannover and the Stadtsparkasse Hannover to Sparkasse Hannover, the largest financial service provider in the region, this became the sole shareholder of the RIB Regionales Immobilien-Büro Hannover GmbH. Further corporate objectives were to conduct property valuation along with the acquisition of all related functions and services.
The RIB moves to new offices in the Breite Strasse 7.

The sale of real estate Bremer Strasse, Garbsen to Teppich Kibek for the development of a new carpet specialist retailer with 1,330,000.00 Euro property volume.

The sale of the attractive project development real estate “Fachmarktzentrum Messebahnhof Laatzen“ (Trade fair rail station retail centre, Laatzen) and large logistics leasing of approximately 30,000 m² hall space, to a reputable major textile logistician in Isernhagen.

Erection of the commercial building Hemmingen-Westerfeld with 2,939,000.00 Euro property volume.

New construction of the City Centre Lehrte with an investment volume of 40 million DM (Deutsche Mark) and 9,000 m²  floor space for an office and business centre with 30 freehold apartments.

September 1992
Foundation of the RIB Regionales Immobilien-Büro Hannover GmbH with the Kreissparkasse Hannover as sole shareholder. The corporate objective of the RIB was the procuration and administration of properties primarily used for commercial purposes.