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Advantages S-GIV

Henrik Homberg

Individual needs-based solutions for all commercial and capital investment property procurement matters



Special storehouse

Special storehouses fulfil certain functions in logistics (storage of dangerous goods, ...

Perfectly suited

Production, administration, logistics, retail market – irrespective in which trade sector you are active, we offer the optimum basis for your business success. If you opt for location advantages for example: within the 21 communities in the Hanover region you have the choice of over 80 commercial parks. With the specialists from the S-GewerbeImmobilienVermittlung Hannover GmbH you have competent partners at your disposal, who find the ideally suited solution, custom-tailored to your requirements.

You can find a small choice of our current offers here.

You might be interested to know: in 2010 we brokered business properties with a total value exceeding
€ 70,250,000.00.