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Advantages S-GIV

Henrik Homberg

Benefit from our industry knowledge by the procurement of logistic and industrial properties


Sales Logistic

Sales logistics (including physical distribution, product distribution and sales and ...

Logistic property

Logistic property is a term for properties used for the storage, commissioning and distribution of goods. Under the logistics property concept many different properties are subsumed, a short description of which is outlined in the following.

Cross docks serve the distribution of incoming goods from long-distance to local transport. Goods are sorted and consolidated so therefore there is a necessity for the goods to be stored for at least a short period of time. Accordingly, cross docks have a high number of gates, are of minimal height and have limited hall depth to achieve the shortest possible routes during the loading and unloading of materials from incoming vehicles.

Warehouses serve the storage of goods. Depending on the storage application they are very high but possess only a small number of gates. Distribution facilities serve the distribution of goods by combining the basic functions of a warehouse with the additional function of commissioning. In addition to increased hall height, the hall depth is also much greater in dimensions and the number of gates is higher than a normal warehouse.

Special storehouses implement certain functions in logistics (storage of dangerous goods, warehouses for goods hazardous to water, cold storage etc.). Based on legal requirements the architectural design is to be taken into consideration to be undertaken and general conditions must be observed. There are also technical requirements, which can affect the design of the storehouse; cold stores for example are usually fitted with a minimal number of gates to limit cold loss.

A high-bay warehouse is a silo type of construction. Strictly speaking it is a shelf construction with a weather-protective casing (roof and walls). The high-bay warehouse is repeatedly falsely described as a logistics property. In fact a high-bay warehouse is classed as plant equipment and is treated as such for tax purposes.